An optimal base for Enterprise Projects


The in-house J2EE framework SEB BasicEP is the base for professional "enterprise server projects" created by SEB. It already provides the basic functionalities to realize a working, user-friendly and secure environment. The project is based on a lean but very flexible core that will be completed by existing and future modules. Thus, SEB BasicEP forms the optimal basis for professional enterprise projects.


The SEB BasicEP Core is responsible for the basic functionality of the whole portal application. The core merges the available modules to a fulfeatured application and manages the most important functionalities. The most important part of it, is the security managenent, that takes care that every user only gets access to the parts of the application, which are allowed by the users role and current work process.

SEB BasicEP is a modular framework, which can be easily extended by additional modules. The core is managing the installed and activated modules and their configurations. By this functionality it is easily to extend and improve a project. Also it offers the possibility to  replace or update parts without problems.



  • Control and manage security rules
  • Responsive Design (Bootsfaces, JSF)
  • Module integration
  • flexible Menu-/View management
  • Printer form template engine
  • Database interface
  • Configurations
  • Send messages (Mail)
  • Login / Registration (optional)
  • TwoFactorAuthorization (optional)
  •  User management
    • User
    • Roles
    • Groups
  • ...



Modules are the essential part to extend the framework. With a collection of existent modules a base for an new project can be easily started, integrating to a complete application. As an example, for a shop solution a cart module can be combined with a basic payment module. Afterwards only a module for a specific payment vendor have to be added, to get a working payment for your shopping cart.


Projects are a logical group of modules within the framework as a pre defined bundle. Even an existing bundle can be extended by modules from other projects.