SEB-Software is ready for the cloud

Software designed for the use als a cloud application

SEB Software and the cloud

All SEB Software Application which are desiged as server side J2EE application is complete compatible with cloud and container environments. An execution can be done in a container environment like Docker, Kubernetes, Pod etc. It is completly irrelevant what is the Environment like AWD, Dedicated Server, VServer and so on, as long es the software requirement can be fulfilled. A Linux environment with Java support would be the best, but other constellations are also possible.

SEB solutions are getting the benefit from all the advantages and security features of Java and container environments.


An execution as a container application provides serveral advantages, it allows a better and flexible management and scalability. By the execution in a container environment each software will be executed in it's own environment (sandbox). This provides the guaranty the an application damages other software solutions running on the same server, because they are seperated to each other.